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A home with a well adjusted dog, is a happy home.  The fact that you have a dog means you have already made a deep commitment to another living creature. It only gets better when you are in tune with each other. That’s where I come in as a trainer. Having a four legged companion that is devoted to you, is something everyone should be fortunate enough to experience.

Dogs are pack animals as we know. Their instincts govern their social skills with each other. Learning to understand and speak their unique language, removes the barriers between us. 

My first goal is to put you and your pup at ease so we can all hear each other and learn exactly what is going on. Dogs are great 

communicators and I find I translate as much as I train. 

Consistency, Patience and Kindness are the key words to gaining a dog’s trust. Helping them find and accept their place with you as their leader, is the goal we will always work towards.

Dog Training in New York City

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My name is Ian Phillips, NYS Master Certified dog trainer, dog owner and I service all of Manhattan. I offer private and group lessons. I use a variety of methods to teach communication between you and your dog companion to maximize a life long commitment to each other.