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Dogs are the ultimate pack animal. Connecting with them as individuals is incredibly rewarding. Aiding them in finding their way in the family pecking order, is something I never tire of doing.

My name is Ian Phillips and I am a NYS Certified Master Dog Trainer. I have had dogs my whole life and went into the dog training field 8 years ago. During my certification, I was lucky enough to work with a rescue center in Queens that focused on traumatized dogs. It was a real honor to help rehabilitate them to dog and human society.  

Dogs are not our whole life,
but they make our lives whole. 
~Roger Caras


Individual sessions, group training or just leading a pack of pups on a hike, is my happy place.  Dogs are amazing and I always learn something from them.

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I work with all dog sizes and breeds. I believe that every dog is an individual. No one technique of training works with every dog. I try to customize the process based of the dog and his/her owner.

Communication is the dog’s calling card. Reading them, understanding them and developing a fun way to speak their language is something I hope everyone gets a chance to do. I can’t believe I get to do that every day.