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“Ian has a real gift with dogs - it sounds corny to call someone a "dog whisperer" but that really is the right term. My dogs always greet him very enthusiastically.  I recommend him without hesitation.”

Caroline J (Maggie’s Mom)

Ian is simply the best when it comes to dog walking and training. He is an absolutely wonderful trainer and knows exactly how to handle all kinds of dogs...I cannot recommend him enough.

Gabby G (Pancho's Mom)

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“Ian is amazing with dogs.  I noticed him in the park and he always caught my attention since he was so friendly with the dogs.  After moving to the city in February, Ingrid developed separation anxiety and I was devastated.  I saw Ian one day and asked him if he was a trainer (I knew he was as I could tell the excellent relationship he had with dogs).  He said he was a trainer and he came over to meet Ingrid, we talked, and he gave me ideas to help her.  If it wasn't for his ideas, I think Ingrid would still be destroying my apartment.  We have also been working on come when called, and this has been great.  Ingrid is a hunting dog so her drive is through the roof.  Ian has helped me in so many ways and he is not only great with dogs, but also people.  He is great to work with and I highly recommend him.

Pam L. (Ingrid’s Mom)

“Brody, my Bernese mountain dog, is the best critic. He adores Ian. Ian is pleasant, trustworthy and reliable.”

Ellen S (Brody’s Mom)

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